Вашето ниво на обучение

Ние предварително сме избрали "Всички нива" за вас, но вие можете да промените нивото на обучение по всяко време, като изберете една от опциите на това меню. Промяната на вашето ниво на учене ще ви върне към началото на модула.

A case study: Louise (1)

In the video on the next slide we see how a teaching assistant uses simple, objective tests to assess a child’s knowledge of vocabulary for things. It shows Zoe, a teaching assistant, working with Louise, a seven year old pupil.

The focus of much of the language and development work is upon teaching Louise the names for a range of familiar items.

There are some doubts about Louise’s ability to recognise even familiar objects from pictorial representations and so teaching usually proceeds using actual objects. However, she is now being taught to associate clear photos of items with the actual objects through object-photo matching games.

A case study: Louise (2)

Note that Zoe gives Louise plenty of time to respond as well as keeping her language simple. Also, she is careful to avoid giving Louise any other cues to the correct response. This is not as easy as it looks.

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