Вашето ниво на обучение

Ние предварително сме избрали "Всички нива" за вас, но вие можете да промените нивото на обучение по всяко време, като изберете една от опциите на това меню. Промяната на вашето ниво на учене ще ви върне към началото на модула.

A case study: Katie (1)
Jo and Katie

The video on the following slide features a teaching assistant who is both promoting and assessing a child's ability to make choices and to anticipate what will happen in the context of a familiar social routine. It shows Jo, a teaching assistant, working with Katie, an eleven year old pupil who has a severe visual impairment and cerebral palsy.


Katie's twin impairments affect her ability to explore what is around her. She has limited expressive skills but has her own names for familiar people and activities.

A case study: Katie (2)

Jo encourages Katie to select one of two objects that have become associated by Katie with particular poems so that she can choose a preferred sensory poem. Jo makes written records of Katie's responses which show that the objective of the session is achieved.

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